Chauffeur driven sedan/minivan

Transfer rates

Price list (Price per vehicle/one way. VAT included)

Starting and ending in Prague   Sedan Minivan
Station - hotel/private address in Prague or v.v. CZK 750/€31 CZK 900/€36
Airport - Hotel/private address in Prague CZK 900/€36 CZK 1100/€44
Hotel/private address in Prague  - Airport CZK 800/€32 CZK 1000/€40
Child seat(compulsory for child up to 12 years old)   Free 1 seat=Free. 2 seats=€5. 3 seats= €8.


Outside of Prague  Sedan Minivan
Prague airport - Plzen or v.v. CZK 3900/€156 CZK 5200/€205
Prague airport - Karlovy Vary or v.v. CZK 5000/€200 CZK 6600/€265
Prague airport - Cesky Krumlov or v.v. CZK 6900/€275 CZK 9100/€365
Prague airport – Brno or v.v. CZK 8700/€350 CZK 11100/€445
Child seat (compulsory for child up to 12 years old) Free Free
Outside of Czech Republic    
Prague – Vienna CZK 17000/€682 CZK 16600/€663
Prague - Dresden CZK 5700/€226 CZK 7600/€302
Child seat (compulsory for child up to 12 years old) Free Free



Booking = Please book at least 3 working days in advance.

Payment = Credit card(in EUR. Visa/Master) in advance.  We will ask you to fill out the Mail order form.

For transfer from Prague airport = Our driver will wait up to 60 minutes after the actual landing time at the arrival hall with the name board. For example, if your flight is scheduled to arrive at 10:00, but landed at 10:30, our driver will wait till 11:30. If landed before at 10:15, will wait till 11:15.  If you missed your connecting flight to Prague, please call us the number written in our confirmation.

For transfer from hotel or private address =  Our driver will wait up to 20 minutes at the hotel lobby. For transfer from private address(home/office/factory and etc.), we can pick you up only in case full address and your mobile phone number were provided. 

For transfer from Praha Hlavni nadrazi(Prague Main station) =  Our driver will wait you at Burger King located at the concourse. one floor below the platform which your train arrives. If you cannot find the Burger King, please call us.

For sightseeing/excursion =  Our driver will wait up to 20 minutes at the hotel lobby. For pick up at private address(home/office/factory and etc.), we can pick you up only in case full address and your mobile phone number were provided.  The service can be terminated anywhere you wish in Prague(i.e., restaurant, theater, station and etc.) without any supplement.  Pick up or drop off at the airport will be a supplement CZK 250/EUR 10.

Child seat is available when mentioned in the booking stage or you noticed before your departure. Otherwise we will not provide the child seat and will refuse the service and charge you the full price. Please mention the child's age to prepare the proper child seat.

In case our driver cannot meet you at the designated time, we will call you in advance and let you know the delay.  If you did not provide your mobile phone number or your mobile is not switched on, we might call the reception and tell about the delay. 

All passengers must fasten their seatbelts during the whole journey. 


Cancellation policies/fees

For transfer within Prague (i.e., station - hotel or airport - hotel)

We will charge you 100% in case of NO SHOW or cancelled less than 24 hours before the pick up/arrival time.

For transfer outside of Prague / sightseeing / excursion

We will charge you 100% in case cancelled less than 72 hours before the pick up/arrival time.



1) What is the difference between taxi and Carrow?

Taxi runs and charges you according to the meter and the fare depends on the distance and the duration which you can not never estimate the accurate amount in advance. The taxi driver might not run the shortest way and you may have to pay more than you expected.

On the other hand, our vehicles do not have meters.  Therefore we have fixed rates for all transfers and you know the rates in advance.  Then, you do not have to worry about cheating as you can face in taxi. 

Another difference is that you do not have to wait at the taxi stand. Our driver will pick you up and lead to our vehicle.

2) How long does it take from Prague airport to the hotel in Prague?

Hotel in Prague 1/7 = 30 minutes

Hotel in Prague 2/3/5 = 35 minutes 

Hotel in Prague 4/8/9 = 40 minutes

Hotel in Prague 6 = 20 minutes

Subject to traffic situation and it might take longer but we never ask for supplement in case of traffic delays.

3) Does the fare includes tip?

Tip is not included and it is at discretion of our client. 

4) Can I travel with my pet?

We only accept in case the pet is inside a cage or a certain carrier during the whole journey and will not disturb our driver or damage our vehicle.

5) I will carry my wheelchair. Do you have a space for it?

Unfortunately our sedan will not have enough space, therefore I recommend you to book the minivan.

6) I need to pick up the keys for the apartment. Can you stop at the office first and then take me to the apartment?

Yes, but we have to ask you for the additional stop.  We will advise you the supplement when we confirm. 

7) My destination is not in the price list but can I book the transfer to my destination and how much is it?

Of course, we are pleased to confirm your booking. Our transfer rates are always based on distance and type of vehilce. For the rate, please contact

8) I need the car urgently.  Can you pick me up in a hour?

Unfortunately not like taxi, our drivers are not cruising the city and looking for the clients. We appreciate if you can book at least 1 working day in advance.

9) Can your driver guide us during the sightseeing?

Unfortunately our drivers are not trained or licensed to guide.  If you need a licensed guide, we can arrange an English speaking guide with supplement,  CZK 2400/EUR 95 for 4 hours and extra CZK 600/EUR 25 per hour.